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    • Name: Propylene dichloride
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    • On Time: 2017-07-19
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    There are a large number of types of propylene dichloride. The 1,2-propylene dichloride and 1,3-propylene dichloride which are commonly available in the market are referred to as propylene dichloride in short.
    Chinese name: propylene dichloride, 1,2-propylene dichloride
    English name:propylene dichloride;1,2-dichloropropane
    Boiling point (℃):96-120℃
    Refractive index: 1.4388

    Insoluble in water; easy to dissolve in acetone, diethyl ether and most of the organic solvents;  

    It can be used as mildew preventive or bactericide; it is also grease and paraffin and is often applied to paint thinner;
    The substance is mainly applied to paint, printing ink, the preparation of paint, printing ink, diluent and PVC cementing compound;
    It is an excellent organic solvent and can replace related purposes of xylene and other benzene for the production of benzol-free banana oil, thinner, polyurethane diluent and so on. It is compatible with benzene, ketone, ester and other organic solvents.

    Propylene dichloride, as a dangerous chemical, can be shipped via tank car or barrel. The one with color is acid, so it is advisable to contain it via PE plastic drum. But the operation certificate for dangerous chemical must be available.

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