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    • Name: DMC
    • Number: 11012
    • On Time: 2017-07-12
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      Dimethyl carbonate (DMC), is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly performance, wide range of chemical raw materials, it is an important organic synthesis intermediates, molecular structure contains carbonyl, methyl and methoxy And other functional groups, with a variety of reaction performance, in the production of the use of safe, convenient, less pollution, easy to transport and so on. As the toxicity of dimethyl carbonate is small, is a promising "green" chemical products.
    1. Physical and chemical properties:
    Chinese name: dimethyl carbonate
    English name: Dimethyl carbonate
    Another name: methyl carbonate; DMC; ethylene carbonate
    Chemical formula: C3H6O3; (CH3O) 2CO; CH3O-COOCH3
    Molecular weight: 90.07
    CAS Registry Number: 616-38-6
    EINECS accession number: 210-478-4
    Melting point: 2-4 ℃
    Boiling point: 90
    Water-soluble: insoluble in water
    Density: 1.069 g/cm3
    Appearance: colorless and transparent, slightly odorous, slightly sweet liquid
    Flash point: 17 ℃
    Application: PC production alternative phosgene
    Safety Description: Non-toxic

    2. Uses:
    Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) is an important organic chemical intermediate, because its molecular structure contains carbonyl, methyl, methoxy and carbonyl methoxy, which can be widely used in carbonylation, methylation, a Oxidation and carbonyl methylation for the production of polycarbonates, isocyanates, polyurethanes, polycarbonate diols, allyl diethylene glycol carbonates, naphthyl carbamate Cetyl), anisole, tetramethanolammonium, long chain alkylcarbonates, carbohydrazides, malonates, dipropanses, diethyl carbonate, triphosgene, furazolidone, hydrazinecarboxylic acid Esters, methyl aniloxylate and other chemical products. As DMC non-toxic, can replace the highly toxic phosgene, methyl chloroformate, dimethyl sulfate as a methylating agent or carbonylation agent used to improve the safety of production operations and reduce environmental pollution. As a solvent, DMC can replace freon, trichloroethane, trichlorethylene, benzene, xylene and so on for paint coatings, cleaning solvents. As a gasoline additive, DMC can improve its octane number and oxygen content, thereby enhancing its antiknock. In addition, DMC can be used as detergent, surfactant and softener additives. As a result of very wide range of uses, DMC known as today's organic synthesis of the "new cornerstone."

    3. Packing: barrels, 200kg / drum, 16 tons / cabinet, galvanized iron drum in full bloom;

    4. The main manufacturers: Shi Dasheng Hua, Dongying Haike, Shandong Depp, Shandong Wells, Shandong Taifeng, Panjin Liaohe, Anhui Tongling

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