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    • Name: Caustic soda flake
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    • On Time: 2017-07-11
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      Caustic soda in pearl, namely granular caustic soda, is also referred to as bead alkali, a type of solid caustic soda (sodium hydroxide);
    Chemical formula:NaOH;
    According to the grain diameter, it can be classified into coarse-grained alkali and fine-grained alkali. The grain size of fine-grained alkali is approx. 0.7mm, and its shape is similar to that of the washing powder.
      Purpose of producct
      1. Applicable to the production of paper making and cellulose pulp;
      2. Applicable to the production of soap, synthetic detergent, and synthetic fatty acid and the refining of animal and vegetable oil;
      3. In the textile and dyeing industry, it is used as cotton desizing agent, scouring agent and mercerizing agent;
      4. In the chemical industry, it is used for the production of borax, sodium cyanide, formic acid, oxalic acid, phenol, etc.;
      5. In the petroleum industry, it is used for the refining of petroleum product and oilfield drilling mud. It is also used for the of production of aluminium oxide, and the surface treatment of metallic zinc and metallic copper, as well as for glass, enamel, currying, medicine, dye and pesticide.
    Packing and storage
      Generally caustic soda flake adopts 25kg three layers of plastic woven bags. The inner layer and outer layer are plastic woven bag. The middle layer is plastic lining bag. Caustic soda flake is classified into type 8.2 alkaline corrosion product of the Classification and Symbol (GB 13690-92) of Commonly Used Dangerous Chemicals. It belongs to grade-8 dangerous cargo; dangerous rule code: 1823.

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