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    • Name: Aniline
    • Number: 11006
    • On Time: 2017-07-11
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    1. Chinese name: aniline
    2. Alias:anilinum, aminobenzene, aniline, aniline oil
    3. Molecular formula:C6H7N
    4. CAS No.: 62-53-3
    5. EINECS No.: 200-539-3
    6. Character: colorless to light yellow transparent liquid; have overpowering odor; it changes into brown when exposed in the air or sunlight;
    7. Relative density (water=1): 1.02
    8. Flash point (℃): 70
    9. Dangerous transport code: UN 1547 6.1/PG 2
    10. Packing: 1. Galvanized barrel: 200kg/ barrel; 80 barrels / 20 ft. FCL.
    16 tons / 20 ft. FCL
    2. ISO TANK pot: 23 tons / pot 
    11. Export rebates: 9 points  
    12. Purpose: It is both one of the most important intermediates of the dyeing industry and the main material for medicine, rubber accelerator, and antiager. It is also applied to the production of spice, varnish, explosive and so on. Aniline is an important material for producing pesticide. Besides, N-alkylaniline, alkylaniline and ortho-nitroaniline can be derived from aniline.

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