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    • Name: N-butyl acetate
    • Number: 11003
    • On Time: 2017-07-11
    • Views : 62

    Chinese alias: n-butyl acetate; butyl acetate
    Molecular formula: C6H12O2
    CAS No.: 123-86-4
    Main property: similar with n-butyl acetate; colorless liquid, with fruity odour; boiling point: 112.3℃ (101.3kPA)

    Main application: solvent and diluent for paint; various vegetable oils and resin solvents; it is also applicable to the manufacturing of plastics and spice;
    This product is an organic solvent with excellent performance which has come into wide use in the production of paint, coating, nitrocellulose, derivative varnish, polyurethane lacquer, alcohol acid resin varnish, multicolor coating, camphor, mineral oil, grease, synthetic resin, natural and synthetic rubber ethylene, styrene, etc.

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