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    • Name: Aetic ether
    • Number: 11002
    • On Time: 2017-07-11
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    Product name: acetic ether
    CAS access number: 141-78-6
    Alias: acetic ether; beet molasses sediment
    Chemical formula: C4H8O2
    EINECS access number:205-500-4
    Packing: 200 kg / closed steel barrel; 1000 kg IBC pallet tank or tank;  

    Purpose: Acetic ether is one of the aliphatic esters that has come into the widest use. As a fast-drying solvent, it is highly capable of dissolution and can be used as the solvent of coating, spray lacquer, printing ink, cementing compound, artificial leather, nitrocotton and other products. It is applicable to the liquid nitrocellulose ink of copying machine, to the solvent of binding material and the diluent of spray lacquer.

    Acetic ether can also be used for the synthesis of some dyestuff and medical intermediates and for the extraction agent of special modified alcohol, pharmaceutical process and organic acid.

    In the electronic industry, acetic ether can also be used as the degreaser in the process of washing. In textile, it can be used as washing agent.

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