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    • Name: Methyl acetate
    • Number: 11001
    • On Time: 2017-07-11
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    Product name: methyl acetate 
    Appearance: transparent liquid, without visible impurities; 
    CAS No.: 79-20-9
    Packing: 180/190/210 kg/ closed steel barrel or tank  
    Property: low toxicity, high dissolving capacity, low cost, chemical not easy to cause poison, easy purchase;
    Purpose: applicable to the solvent of coating, synthetic leather, leather surface treatment agent, ADH, and gun washing solution to replace acetone, butanone, methylbenzene, acetic ether, and the solvent for other chemicals of high cost and precursor chemicals.

    Product advantages:
    1. Capable of mutual dissolution with most of the organic solvents;
    2. Capable of dissolving a wide range of substances, such as crylic acid, vinyl, cellulose nitrate, epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, phenolic resin, etc.
    3. Compared with acetone, it has higher flash point and greater blush resistance; it can meet the requirements of coating, paint formulation and the users in a more desirable way; 

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