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    Welcome to Shandong S-Sailing Chemical Co. Ltd. official website!

    Service Line: 86-546-7764099

    Shandong S-Sailing Chemical Co. Ltd. is located in Dongying, a beautiful oriental pearl city in the Yellow River Delta. Founded in 2012 with a registered capital of 30 million Yuan, the company has a total asset of 120 million Yuan and 60 staffs. It is a comprehensive service company with import and export of chemical industry and domestic trade as the basis. To better develop its import and export business, Dongying Juncheng Import and Export Co. Ltd. was founded in 2014.
    • Purpose: It is mainly used for the production of UPR, alkyd resin, marla sulphur phosphorous pesticides, high...
    • Purpose: This product is applied to the solvent of rubber, coating, and varnish, the diluent of cementing com...
    • Purpose: There are a large number of types of propylene dichloride. The 1,2-propylene dichloride and 1,3-prop...
    • Purpose: Phenol is an important organic chemical material and it can be used for producing phenolic resin, ca...
    • Purpose: mainly used for polypropylene, nitrile fiber spinning solvent, artificial leather production. In med...
    • Purpose: Dimethyl carbonate (DMC), is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly performance, wide range of chemic...
    • Purpose: Refined naphthalene can be applied to dyestuff, medicine and other fields, such as production of 2-n...
    • Purpose: 1.Applicable to the production of paper making and cellulose pulp; 2.Applicable to the production o...
    • Purpose: 1. Applicable to the production of paper making and cellulose pulp; 2. Applicable to the production...
    • Purpose: 1, as raw materials used to produce degradable memory fiber PTT. 2, for the production of pharmaceu...
    Production standardization
    The company has professional marketing team. With its dedicated team of documents and devoted operating team, it has been receiving consensus approval by domestic and overseas partners. The company has been forever going after seeking for trust with services, seeking for cooperation with trust, seeking for support with cooperation, seeking for friendship with support and seeking for perpetual friendship.

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